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1. How to purchase the product?

The user can go to the associate website eg. http://www.certexams.com or product specific URL and purchase the product by clicking the "buy" button.

2. I need an activation key. Where can I get one?

First thing is you will need to purchase the software to request the key. And also there is an option to activate automatic once the product is purchased and installed. In case automatic activation is not possible, then you may have to send a mail to: cs@swregn.com  and you will receive the activation key to your mail-id within 48 hours.

3. After installation, when the software is run, i get an error saying some dll or ocx is not registered.?

If some dll or ocx is not registered and error is displayed then try un-installing and re-installing the software. If the same problem repeats, then contact support for further assistance.

4. What are the minimum system requirements to install the product?

Minimum Requirements:

     Supported platforms: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7

Installation requirements:

     50 MB free space 1GHz CPU 256 MB RAM 800x600 screen resolution Active Internet connection

5.  What features are available in the demo version of software?

The demo version of the products is just for trial and it includes limited features only.

6. I receive an windows security alert when trying to activate my product or using the automatic update feature?
If you receive an alert when trying to activate your product automatically, you maybe behind a firewall/proxy server which is  preventing the process from completing successfully. Unblock the firewall and try to install the software.

7. Does the products support multiple users?

For any products, the only license option available is a single-user license