Microsoft Exam Formats

Started by certforumz, April 13, 2012, 01:28:36 AM

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Exam Formats:

Microsoft Certification exams are presented in a wide variety of formats so that your knowledge and skills can be evaluated accurately. Question formats may include:

    Active screen questions: Similar to hotspot, you need to select or deselect something

    Build list and reorder questions: More like drag and drop, you need to order the items according to the question

    Case studies: More like a testlet, you are given a scenario, and several questions (multiple choice) based on that scenario.

    Create-a-tree questions

    Drag and drop questions

    Hot area questions

    Multiple-choice, single-answer questions

    Multiple-choice, multiple-answer questions

    Multiple-choice, best answer questions

    Multiple-choice, extended matching questions

    Multiple-choice, repeated scenario questions


For demonstation, check out this page: