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« on: February 14, 2022, 08:30:13 AM »
The CCNA practice exams from come with 500+ questions with answers and explanations.
   1. Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification Exam
         The certification is one of the oldest certs in the field of networking and offered by Cisco Systems. It basically tests the theoretical and practical knowledge of candidates to build small to medium corporate networks. There is no prerequisite to write the exam, though some experience is highly recommended.
   2. Advantages of passing CCNA
         The CCNA cert is highly recognized in the networking industry, particularly corporate networking area. Networking professionals are in high demand at present and draw good salaries, not only in USA but also worldwide.
   3. Study Resources for CCNA cert
   - Study Guides and Cram notes:
         The official study guide is a good place to start. Almost all bookshops have the Cisco Official study guides and pick one to start with. Of course, you get good theoretical back ground and understanding by reading official books, but you need to study further to fully prepare for the written exam, which is considered tough in the industry to pass.
   - Practice Tests
         The next step is to grab any good practice tests and check your understanding of the subject. There are several vendors offering CCNA practice tests, such as Certexams, Boson, MeasureUP.
   - Network Simulators
         To pass the exam, one needs to have good hands on practice either in actual router/switch network or a simulated network environment. For simulated network environment you have a few options such as CCNA Netsim Designer, Cisco Packet Tracer and Boson Network sim
   4. Practice Exams from
         The CCNA  practice exams from certexams fully cover the CCNA syllabus and contain over 500+ questions with answers and explanations.
   4. Objectives covered
      - Network Fundas 20%
      - Network Access Control 20%
      - IP Connectivity using v4 and v6 25%
      - IP Services like DNS and DHCP 10%
      - Network Security Fundamentals 15%
      - Automation and Programmability JSON and other stuff 10%
   4. Question types and difficulty:
         The question types covered include simple MCQAs, drag and drop, simulet, and simulation type questions. Hot spot questions are also provided in the practice tests. Usually, actual CCNA exam will have simulations where you need to solve by typing appropriate commands for trouble shooting or configuration router network for a given purpose.
   4. Exam cram notes
         Free exam cram notes is available from exam , check it out.

1. CCNA compared with other networking certs like Juniper JNCIA
2. Further levels of certification after CCNA: You may go for CCNP Enterprise, CCNP Security, or Data Center. Please check out the official website for available options. Also, you may check out the blog article, Cisco Certs for more details.

Good luck!
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