Author Topic: Godaddy India - Problems with domain registrar transfers  (Read 5770 times)

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Godaddy India - Problems with domain registrar transfers
« on: December 21, 2017, 07:23:40 AM »
Today, we tried to transfer a domain registered with to another registrar. After placing the order at another registrar using authorization code from the previous registrar, the domain transfer was declined, saying that there were some issues pending. When we checked, a new requirement came up, that says please "whois" confirm your domain. But, we never received the email regarding whois confirmation. When we click resend, it says the email was resent, but never received. After wasting lot of time, we called up godaddy call center in India, (lot of waiting and promotional messages, in between), the emails were received. The support guy was giving some reasons like our yahoo email was not receiving the emails. But, how the emails were received now in the same account after talking to the support guy?

A bad experience with Godaddy India.