Important Dead Lines for GST

Started by certforumz, August 13, 2017, 12:45:57 PM

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Check this out:

GST Forms   GST Due Dates   GST Filing Last Dates   Associated Tax Payers
GSTR 1      10th of Next Month   10th October, 2017           Normal or Composite Dealers
GSTR 1A           –   –                                                           Outward supply details of Business unit Corrected or Deleted
GSTR 2       15th of Next Month   15th October, 2017           Normal Dealers Purchase Register
GSTR 2A    –   –                                                           Inward supply reconciliation in Form GSTR-1 by supplier to business
GSTR 3          20th of Next Month   20th October 2017           Normal Dealers Monthly Return
GSTR 3A     –   –   Notice on failure of returns furnishing to registered taxpayer
GSTR 3B    20th of Next Month (Only for July & August)   July – 20th August & August – 20th September   All Dealers
GSTR 4           18th of Next Quarter   18th October, 2017   Composite Dealers
GSTR 4A         Inward supplies reconciliation under composition scheme in form GSTR-1 as supplier furnished
GSTR 5           20th of Next Month   20th October 2017   Non Resident
GSTR 6           13th of Next Month   13th October, 2017   Input Service Distributors
GSTR 6A         Inward Supplier reconciliation by ISD in form GSTR-1 as supplier furnished
GSTR 7           10th of Next Month   10th October, 2017   TDS Returns
GSTR 7A         Certificate of TDS
GSTR 8           10th of Next Month   10th October, 2017   E-Commerce Operators
GSTR 9           31st December of Next F.Y.   Registered Taxable Person
GSTR 9A           31st December of Next F.Y.   Taxpaying compounding of Annual return
GSTR 10     Within three months of the date of cancellation or date of cancellation order, whichever is later   Final Return for the taxpayer after surrendering or cancellation of the registration
GSTR 11    28th of Next Month   28th October, 2017   Inward supplies statement for person having UIN