Author Topic: Facebook Gets Notice From Indian Government Asking It To Explain Sharing Data  (Read 2482 times)

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    • CertExams - CCNA, A+, Network+, and Others was given a notice by the Government of India to explain sharing the user data with phone manufacturers. It is evident that Facebook is getting something in return, which is very likely the phone contact list of users. Facebook collects phone numbers from subscribers (it provides subscription free of charge). The user data is given to the phone companies in return for contact list and other information from phone companies. Surprisingly, it has never been high lighted by any government. It is un-ethical to share prone contact list by phone companies such as Airtel and Jio with Facebook as the contact information is very personal to respective individuals. Further, phone companies never publisize sharing such data, though it does!

To cover legal implications, such companies make the subscribers to digitally agree for their terms and conditions which is usually several pages long and important information such as sharing of phone numbers and phone contact list is not very prominent. Just be aware that once you feed your phone number to Facebook, your phone contacts are distributed and known to Facebook and its partners, which may be harvested by third parties.