Cisco CCDA Practice Exams

Started by certforumz, January 20, 2015, 07:00:12 PM

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Check out CCDA practice exams here:

The practice exams have 200+ most relevant questions with answers. Flash cards provide detailed explanations.

A few sample questions are available here:

Exam cram notes is available here:

For actual exam parameters, please visit this link:,931.0.html

Exam Number:                     640-864 DESGN
Number of Questions:           50 - 60 questions
Duration:                             75 minutes
Available Languages:             English, Japanese
Register:                              Pearson VUE


Well I did the VCE exam today.
And I went very well to much of my delight.

And almost all the study i did was practise exams, and it was extremely helpful. The great majority of the questions on the exam today seemed to be taken out of the practise ones. Just changing a name here or there. It was fantastic study.


Though never used VCE, heard that it is a good exam engine. For a candidate trying to make a career in networking, one should prepare thoroughly and understand the subject. It is not just passing the cert, making a career is important.

My suggestion: study using study guides, use practice exams, take some mock tests, have some hands on experience (using simulators such as ccna netsim) and whatever means available.
Just remember: you are going to be a valuable asset to the company that hires you!

Good luck!