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Google Hummingbird Update - More Revenue for Google?


Google has recently updated it search algo, code named Hummingbird. The update is expected to influence .com sites, particularly commercial sites that sell products, or services. Several webmasters have reported 40-50% drop in sales after the release of the Humminbird update. Checkout discussion on this update.
  It appears that G is succeeding in driving more sales for its Adwords campaigns.

More news:
 How does the Hummingbird update affect businesses?

The Hummingbird update will likely result in a shift for business website rankings. "Those businesses that didn’t have great results for generic terms will have more opportunity to see better placement," Wisnefski said

ERIC WARD says regarding Hummingbird:
I know many people don’t trust a word Google says, and that’s fine; but, common sense tells us that if you create original, deep, subject-relevant content on your sites, you will continue to generate signals of quality that matter to Google. After all, Hummingbird doesn’t suddenly turn great content into bad content. Authority and reputation, as determined by the methods Google has used and improved on for years, remain crucial.

Some additional notes and thoughts:

    Google has said the Hummingbird algorithm represents the biggest change in 12 years.
    Hummingbird is part of Google’s need to become less dependent on keywords.
    Google’s Penguin and Panda were additions to the existing algorithm, but Hummingbird is a complete replacement of the algorithm. Penguin and Panda have been incorporated into the Hummingbird algorithm.
    Hummingbird looks at over 200 signals when determining search rank for a site — and PageRank appears to be one of them.
    Links can and will continue to impact PageRank, meaning that credible backlinks are a major component of Hummingbird.
    Google Plus will impact the search experience, but not in the same way for all people and all searches

Given everything we know, what follows are six ways in which Google Hummingbird could impact links.


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