Atomic, molecular, and formula masses

Started by certforumz, May 23, 2012, 03:35:19 AM

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Usually, a student gets doubts like: how Avogadro number was arrived at?, Why atomic mass is dimensionless? How do you measure molar mass of an molecular substance, etc. These have nicely been explained here:

The contents are given below:

Atomic weight?
So what is the unit for atomic mass?
An analogy for atomic mass

    -An "atomic weight" experiment
    -Avogadro's Hypothesis

The Relative Masses of Gases - a demonstration experiment
So then, why isn't the atomic mass of Hydrogen exactly 1?

    -Who picked hydrogen, anyway?

What, you say? Not a molecule?
Calculating formula masses
Of Moles and other furry creatures
How many is that? Does it matter? It's enough!

    -Where'd they get that number?

Summary - Molar Mass
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