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URL 1: https://www.simexams.com/products/laas/learning-assessment-software.html
Alternative URL 2: https://www.simexams.com/products/computer-based-test-software.htm

Article Title: Online Learning and Assessment Software for Schools, Colleges, and Organizations
Alternative title: Learning and Assessment Software for Online Classes

Description of the product (1):
Online Learning and Testing software offers elearning solution to schools, colleges and organizations with rich features. It consists of an author engine, content engine, exam engine, and collaboration plug in for full fledged remote learning and evaluation process. Several types of content including audio, video, rich text, and YouTube video lessons are supported in the author software.
The exam engine is highly configurable and provides several features for granular control and cheat free assessment. The proctored exam consists of remote surveillance with inbuilt camera or external camera, screen capture, and geo location services. The software is made robust for Internet disconnections or the power failures.
The collab software offers online collaboration with the team and sharing of course material, chat, and video. The stats module provides detailed time analysis and storage of results on centralized server.
Please check out the product home page for more information and downloading the trial version of the product.
Product images:

Description (2)(this is for URL 2):
The Computer Based Test software consists of authoring software and exam engine for preparing the question bank and delivering the exam. Various input formats are supported including html, MS office/Open office, PDF, and multimedia. The software supports remote proctoring to remotely monitor the candidates using video, geolocation, and other means. Typical uses of the software include online classes, certification exams, internal exams by organizations for employee evaluation, etc.
The software is completely brandable with custom logo and environment and can be hosted by the organization itself, thus absolutely protecting it's own copyright information.
Please visit the product page for more information and download the trial version of the product.

Screenshots of the product:

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