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Started by certforumz, February 07, 2022, 09:13:15 PM

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The online learning and testing software offers several features like flexible authoring by one or more authors, various types of input like html, audio, or video, and fully configurable exam parameters.
The Collaboration plug in provides video conferencing capability with chat and ability to share files, etc.
The content delivery engine supports html, exhibits, pdfs, and multimedia. Youtube videos can be configured and viewed without having to redo the same.
Elaborate stats provide marks obtained by cat or sub cat wise, time taken for correct, incorrect, and unanswered questions.
Prevent cheating in =""proctored exam by using screen capture and image capture using inbuilt and external cams.
Check out product page for more information.


The Computer Based Test software is among the most advanced software for remotely proctored exams or proctored entrance tests. The software includes author software and exam software, the former is used to uploading content and the later is used to deliver the exam to the candidates.
The exam software provides granular control on the features like enabling/disabling back buttons, providing question hint, and others.
Elaborate statistics are provided for minute examination of the results such as time taken for correct/incorrect answers etc.
Grade sheets and marks obtained are uploaded to the server for further analysis and reporting.
Check out the product page for more information.

**Need for online proctored exam:** Proctored exam means that a candidate take the exam remotely under electronic supervision from the hub. A supervisor would be sitting at the hub (say school office) and supervising the candidates remotely. There are several ways to prevent cheating which include screen capture, video/audio casting, image casting, and external cams. Good software incorporates all the said features, optionally configurable.