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CCNA ICND2 (200–105) Certification Preparation Tips


What is the ICND2 Certification?
ICND2 stands for Interconnecting Network Devices Part 2. It deals to test the candidate knowledge on LAN switching technologies, IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies, WAN technologies, infrastructure services, and infrastructure maintenance. The ICND2 exam is 90 minutes, 55–65 test which is associated with CCNA Routing and switching.

How to Prepare for the ICND2 Certification?
The preparation of the ICND2 exam may be pretty difficult if you don’t choose the good preparation materials, practice tests, study guides, and others. Here I will give you a list of the good websites and tips for preparing the ICND2. So let’s get begin
1. Make a Strategy: Know the exam topics before starting the preparation. You should make your own time for the topics that you want to study and make sure to understand the topic. A study plan between the exam date and now will help you in passing the exam. Spend more time on topics that you are difficult.
2. Join Study Groups: I suggest you join with study Groups related to CCNA ICND2 Social media websites like Reddit, Facebook Groups and others. So that it can boost your knowledge.
3. Select Good ICND2 Certification Guide or Notes: There are lots of paid and free resources for ICND2, well if you want it for free you may check this link CCNA ICND2 Cram Notes. It is totally free. It is recommended to start with the ICND2 official cert guide. You can also check recommended books for ICND2
4. Watch YouTube Videos: There are lots of videos on YouTube that give you knowledge about Networking. There are good YouTube channels like Professor Messer are a great way to learn about ICND2
5. Take Practice Tests: Practice Make Man Perfect, No matter how much you studied and what you studied, you need to take practice tests That makes you perfect to crack the exam. I recommend these two practice tests for simulationexams and certexams. Click on the links to download practice tests

CCNA ICND2 Practice test and CCNA ICND2 200–105 Practice test. The practice tests may help you in boosting your score and each practice consists of 300+ practice questions.


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