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Venkatesh D:
Switch Network Simulator has recently revised Switch Network Simulator. The Switch Network Simulator software Provides several lab exercises for better experience and intended to give Practical knowledge about switch Commands for those who are interested in learning practical switching. Along with practice labs, one will be able to configure/troubleshoot the switch network. It is also useful in any certification preparation such as Cisco CCNA or Juniper JNCIA.
Detailed help files enabling step by step Experimentation and the Complete list of labs is available with the Lab Manual of the downloaded software. Demo version of Switch Network Simulator is limited to a fewer labs, and upto global configuration mode is supported in demo version. The Software supports 100+ switch Commands with over 100 labs, enabling the candidate to practice.
You may download the demo version here:
About Switch Simulator: Switch Network Simulator provides a Effective lab environment by simulating a switch network consisting of Cisco® IOS and Juniper® JUNOS switches. Additionally, a lab manual provides hands-on experience configuration and troubleshooting of switch networks consisting of Cisco and Juniper switches.
What functions are covered in the simulator software?
You will learn basic switch connectivity, STP (Spanning Tree Protocols), PVSTP (Per VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol), VTP ( VLAN Trunk Protocol), PoE (Power Over Ethernet), and a few other topics. For complete list of labs and supported commands, please refer to the links provided on this page.


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