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CBT Software / Re: JITSI
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Jitsi Meet includes many features and we are constantly adding more. Some of the main ones are:

Auto-view the active speaker or click on any attendee to see their video
Android and iOS apps
Text chatting (web only)
Lock a room with a password
Screen sharing (if jidesha is setup, only required in Chrome)
Streaming a conference to YouTube live (if Jibri is configured)
Shared text document based on Etherpad
Raise/Lower your hand for attention
Participant talk-time statistics
Push-to-talk mode
Play a YouTube video to all attendees call
Audio-only option
Telephone dial-in to a conference (if Jigasi is setup)
Dial-out to a telephone participant (if Jigasi is setup)
Integration in other apps / websites
Jitsi Meet also includes statistics and integrations features and a integration to help developers. Make sure to use to see the latest features.

How do I implement

The easiest way is to go to or download one of the mobile apps (Android or iOS).

If you prefer, you can also setup your own Jitsi Meet instance or embed a room into your own website. See the FAQs below for more information on those options.

Jitsi Community:
LAAS Features:

Candidate Management: Easily manage each and every candidate.
Question Bank Management: Manage questions of all types with hierarchy of subjects, and topics.
Certificate Management: Manage and distribute QR Code generated certificates.
Remote Proctoring: Live status of candidates activity during the exam.
Enhanced Security: Complete data security and live exam proctoring to ensure the credibility and fairness of the examination.
Concurrent Tests: Host multiple exams simultaneously at different locations.
Monetize: Increase your revenue by creating a series of tests and selling them.
Live Image Capture: Capture live images of candidates at fixed intervals.
Self Registration: Allow candidates to do self registration for your exam.
Role-Based Dashboard: Assign manager, invigilator, data entry operator to access their dashboard.‚Äč
Data Import/Export: Import your data from excel or export them in excel/pdf format anytime.
Screen Capture: Automatically captures screen in case of unfair activities.
Email/SMS Integration: Send notification to the candidates via email or SMS.
Detailed Analysis: Get the detailed analysis of the result and exam.

In progress:

Live Video Recording: Video recording of candidates during the exam.
Live Chat: Resolve the candidates' query during the exam.

General Discussion / VPS
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General Discussion / Re: New Software Promotion sites triple star
« Last post by certforumz on November 27, 2021, 06:05:13 AM »  *** submitted, paypal 1.95USD review one or two weeks submitted free review one month  pr@anan.. Bang...@1 web....@a De @X/X login gmail

Website Design, Hosting, etc. / Re: XMPP server and services
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Create virtual whiteboards called Spaces with virtually unlimited size
Drag & drop images, videos and audio from your computer or the web
Write and format text with full control over fonts, colors and style
Draw, annotate and highlight with included graphical shapes
Turn your Space into a zooming presentation
Collaborate in realtime with teammates, students or friends
Share Spaces on the web or via email
Export your work as printable PDF or ZIP (currently being fixed, stay tuned)
Use Cases
Education: Virtual classwork with multimedia
Creative: Mood boards, Brainstorming, Design Thinking
Visual note taking and planning
Requirements, Installation
Spacedeck requires:

Node.js 10.x: Web Server / API. Download:
Graphicsmagick. On non-Linux, Download: On Linux, install via package manager.
Optionally ffmpeg, audiowaveform and ghostscript. See "Optional Dependencies" below.
To run Spacedeck, you only need Node.JS 10.x.

To install all node dependencies, run (do this once) after cloning the repository:

Cpanel Node.js installation:

ANother:  ****

demo available.

Website Design, Hosting, etc. / Re: XMPP server and services
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XMPP + Conversations = Voice and Video calls possible

XMPP Hosting:
Free domain inclusion:

How do I setup xmpp:.
Download a client. There are many, many XMPP clients for you to choose from. To get you started, here are some of the more popular ones: ...
Create an account. As with e-mail, you will need an account with a service provider. ...
Log in! That's it!

Free xmpp server:

Check this, free video conferencing: and chat
General Discussion / Re: New Software Promotion sites triple star
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split pdf, combine pdf, opml convert and others:   webm****r@ simu****. com @g
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