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Some Recommended Web Hosts and Never Host With..hosts.
« on: December 21, 2017, 05:40:11 AM »
Given below are a few hosting providers that appear to be genuine and providing cheap rates:

3. (a bit costly, but useful for serious hosting)

Check with the following site for finding a good site, reviews are available:

Never host with:
1. - their servers are hacked all the time! and so are your websites. Our sites were targets of spamware time and again when were hosting with their reseller account. After changing hosting provider to, not even once hacked.

2. - We subscribed  because it was cheap. They suspended the accounts soon after transfer saying that one of the sites had malware. Don't know why all sites need to be suspended if one site had malware. When asked for access via control panel to clean up reported malware, they asked for driving license, etc to be sent by email for verification. Just discontinued. They kept on sending invoice due notices for several months though the a/c was cancelled. (no refund issued for the amount already paid, said they don't refund on issues with malware!)
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