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Started by certforumz, June 08, 2015, 02:16:19 AM

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Cisco introduced Cisco Certified Technician exam recently that aims at training candidates in installing and configuring Cisco devices. Actually, CCNA had started with the same objective about15-20 years back, and during the course of time, CCNA had become a graduate-level course (figuratively speaking). The exam (CCNA) has become so advanced that it required several months (or years ) of studies and practice. Again, the need for entry-level technicians is become more pressing. CCT is expected to fill the gap left by CCNA over a period of time.

CCT is divided into three branches:

    CCT Data Center - Aimed at providing skills in handling data centers (entry-level skills, such as reading the config file, assigning ip addresses, etc.)
    CCT Routing & Switching - Aimed at providing skills in handling Cisco routers and switches.
    CCT TelePresence - Aimed at helping customers over telephone with basic installation and troubleshooting of Cisco devices.

For more information, visit Cisco website here: