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Computer-based testing (CBT) has transformed the way we assess knowledge and skills.  Gone are the days of multiple-choice bubbles and tedious hand-grading. CBT offers a new era of streamlined exams, efficient scoring, and valuable data for analysis.

How Does CBT Work?

CBT exams are delivered on computers, either online or offline. Here's a general process:

Test Creation:  Educators or assessment developers use specialized software to create question banks. These banks can include various question formats like multiple-choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, matching, essay, and even drag-and-drop options.

Exam Setup:  The software allows configuration of exam parameters like time limits, scoring rules, randomization of questions, and specific instructions for test-takers.

Test Delivery:  Students log in to the secure testing platform and take the exam on a computer. Features may include timers, question navigation tools, and options to review answers before submission.

Evaluation:  Upon completion, the software automatically scores the exam based on predefined criteria.  Detailed reports can be generated, highlighting individual and group performance.

Advantages of CBT

CBT offers numerous benefits over traditional paper-based exams:

Efficiency: Saves time and resources in test administration and grading.

Security: Reduces the risk of cheating or answer sheet tampering.

Flexibility: Allows for diverse question formats and easier test customization.

Detailed Analysis: Provides comprehensive reports with insights into student strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance.

Scalability: Can accommodate large numbers of test-takers simultaneously.

Accessibility: Can be conducted online, eliminating geographical barriers.

Rapid Results: Provides faster turnaround time for score delivery.

Considerations for CBT

While CBT offers clear advantages, there are some factors to keep in mind:

Technology Dependence: Relies on a functioning computer and internet connection for online exams.

Digital Literacy: Test-takers need basic computer skills for navigation.

Potential for Technical Issues: Technical glitches can disrupt the testing process.

Initial Investment: CBT software or platform subscription may incur costs. The cost over time is most likely to be even with traditional means or even less, considering that traditional evaluation requires an invigilator and the stuff being carried physically and securily from place to place.

Despite these considerations, CBT's efficiency and data-driven approach are making it a popular choice for assessments in education, professional certifications, and various licensing exams. As technology evolves, CBT is expected to become even more sophisticated and widely adopted. Computer Based Test Software: A good old example of online exams software (another name frequently used in place of Computer Based Test), is CBT Software. Download the free evaluation version of the online exam software.

The software is also available in a more feature rich and elaborate model, by name Learning and Assessment System Software which includes lesson delivery and assignments delivery and evaluation in addition to exam delivery as supported by the CBT software.

Free evaluation version links: Windows versions (Contains both author engine and delivery engine)  Mac version (Supports exam delivery engine) Android version (Supports exam delivery engine) iOS Apple (Supports exam delivery engine)

Learning and Management Software: (Windows) Android (Mac version) (iOS for apple devices)

and finally all favorite SaaS version, (Free registration and login available for evaluation purpose)