CBT Product Walkthrough Videos

Started by certforumz, July 19, 2023, 06:16:19 AM

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How to register as administrator for the trial version of the CBT software : https://youtu.be/73vRnIKUKkQ

How to create a new exam using the author module of CBT software : https://youtu.be/XMcVyYl5fSY

How to add a new author in the CBT software. : https://youtu.be/IpkmxMH-WQE

How to add, edit, and delete categories : https://youtu.be/c0-qYUdopGU

How to add groups using the author module of CBT software: https://youtu.be/2V0Ar-i-DZ0

How to add MCSA question using the author module of CBT software: https://youtu.be/sk14sNPcWTo

How to add candidates using the CBT software author engine  : https://youtu.be/Siz55SkiLqg

How to assign an author to an exam in the CBT software : https://youtu.be/88T1RECgChQ

How to link a group to an exam : https://youtu.be/zzrk51gJuHM

How to set the exam configuration parameters : https://youtu.be/3cpiNI--xm4


Customize to display your own logo: https://youtu.be/112kzCRlt50

Configure enterprise version: https://youtu.be/-dr2XLBGKsY

Create sub test modules : https://youtu.be/D4klO-sj9I4

CBT edit exam details: https://youtu.be/8es9p_CSsO0

Learn mode and exam mode features: https://youtu.be/zHBr1a5bDic

Export a test module: https://youtu.be/zVeUZ0CJ1iU

Grade screeen: https://youtu.be/Ra9UUmo4mS4

Candidate login: https://youtu.be/VWmEuwXXRg0

Taking exam: https://youtu.be/S7LzD9A8vhs

View results: https://youtu.be/QChHM8IuhnM

Import a test module (local): https://youtu.be/7C03lfIxIyk

Import a test module (URL): https://youtu.be/Vz72yxEuZNg