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Distinguish between 100Base TX vs 100Base T : https://youtu.be/BGhF8cATXf8


What is a CAT cable? Explain different types of CAT cables. : https://youtu.be/0HmNtNWvEiw



What is CIDR? : https://youtu.be/jr9WY88fnIY

Explain Copper based Ethernet standards : https://youtu.be/B5LmogaXR2s

What is CWDM? : https://youtu.be/112n3osxtwo

What is DWDM? : https://youtu.be/srvvbHxMyxc

Explain fiber ethernet standards. : https://youtu.be/5i6ttUEgIq0

Fiber Optic Patch Panel/ Distribution panel : https://youtu.be/xTGVbYsJ0FI

What are IPv4 address classes?  : https://youtu.be/vkih2cTeaM4

What is DHCP? : https://youtu.be/e5qtm4PA7Zo

What is DNS? : https://youtu.be/BLSf2zW5JAk

What is DNS Caching? : https://youtu.be/pBID_BKSqk4

Explain DNS Recursive lookup vs. Iterative lookup : https://youtu.be/v7Fr6NpBXQQ

Explain DNS record types : https://youtu.be/P0_c1a1z-m4

What are root DNS servers? : https://youtu.be/2HrF6p74aJE

What addressing types are available in IPv6? Contrast with IPv4 : https://youtu.be/-RJswb62ssI

What are different packet types in IPv4? : https://youtu.be/S42ZpXGT9pc

What is IPv6 dual stack? : https://youtu.be/Ndcn7nUnukg

What are IPv6 router advertisements? : https://youtu.be/KFH-WZB5gO8

What is IPv6 tunnelling? : https://youtu.be/w67441gxKrQ

What is link local address in IPv6? : https://youtu.be/utodyXT4dkI

What is NTP? : https://youtu.be/Zu0ucPrZcWk

What is a Patch panel/patch bay? : https://youtu.be/dm-KV_srMMk

What is Punchdown block? : https://youtu.be/tULgK-XMZEY

What is a punch down tool? Explain it's working. : https://youtu.be/YZXQPxWawJE

What is Reverse DNS/reverse lookup? : https://youtu.be/wSIrfC-AHZo

What are secure protocols? : https://youtu.be/OB6TZA7NZ1A

What is SIP?  : https://youtu.be/8d1YtruPVGM

What is IPv6 SLAAC? : https://youtu.be/qwWZhiJqDgE

What are sub interfaces? : https://youtu.be/IRsu9--osag

Some of the important TCP/IP protocols and port numbers used. : https://youtu.be/DUnCFzWS6DY

What is virtual IP? : https://youtu.be/N8DQI0CIKJA

What is WDM? : https://youtu.be/k9QQnm2wtqw

What is zone transfer in DNS? : https://youtu.be/KIDUr_xe7ls

What is subnetting in IPv4? Give an example. : https://youtu.be/DLYIf3czpOI