CompTIA Network+ N10-008 exam

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CompTIA Revises Network+ N10-008 exam

Test Details

Required Exam: N10-008
Number of questions: Maximum of 90
Types of questions: Multiple choice and performance-based
Length of Test: 90 Minutes

New N10-008 Exam has the following topics

1.0 Networking Fundamentals 24%
2.0 Network Implementations 19%
3.0 Network Operations      16%
4.0 Network Security        19%
5.0 Network Troubleshooting 22%

Here are some of the additions to the newest version of CompTIA Network+  (N10-008) as they relate to the exam domains:

1. Network architecture appears on the exam for the first time, including software-defined networking, ensuring that candidates understand network integrations and the cutting-edge technologies being used in deployments.
2. Emerging wireless standards and technologies are covered to allow business flexibility and maximum security when deploying networks.
3. Network performance monitoring and high availability are covered as separate objectives.
4. Network security has been streamlined to focus on the critical aspects of hardening networks against malicious attacks and the secure execution of network deployments to protect against unintended data breaches.

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The current objectives for the CompTIA Network+ N10-008 exam are slightly different from what I previously mentioned.

Here are the current objectives for the CompTIA Network+ N10-008 exam:

1.0 Networking Fundamentals
2.0 Network Implementation
3.0 Network Operations
4.0 Network Security
5.0 Network Troubleshooting

It's important to note that the exam objectives may change over time, so it's always best to check the latest objectives on the CompTIA website or other official resources before preparing for the exam.

Here's a detailed explanation of each of the current objectives for the CompTIA Network+ N10-008 exam:

1.0 Networking Fundamentals : This objective covers the basics of networking, including the OSI model, network topologies, and the various types of networks (e.g. LAN, WAN, MAN, etc.). It also covers basic networking protocols such as TCP/IP, Ethernet, and the basics of network addressing, such as IP addressing and subnetting.

2.0 Network Implementation : This objective covers the technologies and methods used to connect devices to a network, such as wired and wireless access, and access control methods like switches and routers. It also covers the implementation of VLANs, IPv6, DHCP, and DNS.

3.0 Network Operations : This objective covers the day-to-day tasks involved in maintaining a network, such as network performance monitoring, backup and recovery, and disaster recovery. It also covers the basics of network documentation, such as creating and maintaining a network diagram.

4.0 Network Security : This objective covers the various security threats to networks and the technologies and methods used to secure networks, such as firewalls, access controls, and encryption. It also covers basic security protocols such as VPNs and the basics of network security monitoring.

5.0 Network Troubleshooting : This objective covers the methods and tools used to diagnose and resolve network problems, such as using network analyzers, monitoring tools, and troubleshooting methodologies. It also covers basic troubleshooting tasks such as resolving connectivity issues, performance problems, and security incidents.

These objectives cover a wide range of topics and represent the key knowledge and skills that a network administrator should have. By preparing for and passing the CompTIA Network+ exam, you can demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of these topics and gain recognition as a certified network professional.

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