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Started by certforumz, January 10, 2022, 07:23:49 AM

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report unknown link to:

How to submit a dispute request
Go to
Click Register and complete the form.
Click Register at the bottom of the form, and wait to receive an Account Validation email from McAfee TrustedSource.
Open the email, and click the link to activate your account.
Sign into
Select McAfee SiteAdvisor/WebControl (Enterprise) from the drop-down list.
Type in the address of a website, for example, then click Check URL.
Optionally, select up to three categories for the site.
Type any additional information that you want to share in the Optional comment field.

NOTE: Provide as much information as possible about why you feel that the rating is in error. If you're the website owner, let us know us about changes that you made to your site, which might have an impact on the rating.

Click Submit URL for Review. You receive a ticket ID for your records.
Wait for 5–7 days and verify your website again. If the website is still rated as risky, email: to follow up on your request.

Useful links to other McAfee resources
Virus Removal
Antivirus For Mac

Our Identity Protection Service

What Is VPN?

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LDAP test server:
You can use it to test your LDAP connectivity without having to install the server yourself on physical machines. Saves lot of time and resources.



tax info to be updated for GooglePlay

Go to Payments -> Settings -> Manage Tax Info

check attachment.

certforumz  - for script writing - for picture or video selections - for video production

For screen capture using windows recorder or OBS studio (both are free) the former comes with Windows 10/11 and the later OBS needs to be downloaded and installed before using.
The former can record only one app at any given time, where as the later can record whole screen.