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Started by Venkatesh D, February 08, 2020, 12:24:03 AM

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Venkatesh D

As you all know about cisco ccnp switch 300-115 will be retiring on 23rd feb 2020 and it will be replaced by new exams. So, if you want to earn current ccnp switch certification you need some practice and effort because you don't have much time for the exam. Make your study plan by yourself and start preparing early, study each topic and try to find on what you need to improve and work more in that and take the practice exams for hands-on practice. Nowadays there is a number of sites offering practice tests, labs and more. I advise you to go with certexams, the best site offers exam simulator, lab simulator and study guides which give you complete ccnp switch exam notes and cheatsheets. It describes each topic very comprehensively and also you will get links to reference books and get practice tests.
There are more than 200 example cisco ccnp switch exam simulation questions available in the site that are very similar to the actual exam according to the latest objectives with answer flashcards for practice. The questions you see in the exam look like real questions and it mimics the actual test environment in the exam mode and the candidate can practice the questions in the learn mode. Once the test completed you can get options to save the results for future viewing purposes.
Topics Covered in CCNP Switch 300-115 Exam Simulator:
Switch 300-115 exam simulator consists questions as per the objectives of ccnp switch exam, it covers the following topics.
1. Layer 2 Technologies_65%
2. Infrastructure Security_20%
3. Infrastructure Services_15%

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