Traffic from in Google Analytics (GA)

Started by certforumz, February 15, 2018, 03:51:54 AM

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What is the referral in Google Analytics?

Check out the article here:

This faulty traffic started around January 16th for some and around January 24th for others, and keeps showing up until this post was written.

The data left by this crawler is similar to the ones from bots or spam. All hits will have the following metrics:

    % New Sessions: 100%
    New Users: 100%
    Bounce Rate: 100%
    Pages / Session: 1
    Avg. Session Duration: 0 seconds
    Network domain:

    Service Provider: google llc
The article says that you create a filter using admin settings - filters and create a filter to filter out the traffic from as it doesn't add any value to your analytics data.