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Started by certforumz, December 06, 2017, 02:25:31 AM

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Check out the following web calculator that generates various htaccess redirects:

The following are generated:
seo 301 redirect path    
seo #301 Redirect Entire Old directories
seo 301 redirect directory (all directory content)    
seo 302 redirect path    
non www to www ( to    Site Url eg
www to non www ( to    Site Url eg
Custom 400 error    
400 Error path
Custom 401 error    
401 Error redirect webpage
Custom 403 error    
403 Error redirect url
Custom 404 error    
404 Error redirect page
Custom 500 error    
500 Error page
change default page (index.htm to home.php).    
Enter what you want to use as your default page
   Block ip or deny ip    ip address or ip addresses separeted by comma
   Allow ip or Allow some ip and deny others    
ip address or ip addresses separeted by comma
   Password protect a file or directory    Enter file name

Enter htpasswd path
   Turn on file commpression (gzip) to decrease page size and increase loading speed    
   cache images , css files and pages to increase page loading speed    

public private must-revalidateEnter File extension or extensions separated by comma css,gif
   Prevent viewing of .htaccess    
   change https to http    Full site name
   Prevent directory listing    
   prevent bandwidth stealing or hotlink protection