Internet Connection Sharing on Windows 2000 Professional Computer.

Started by certforumz, May 05, 2010, 09:51:24 PM

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Scenario: You have a DIAS connection using PPPOE. Windows 2000 Professional computer is connected to the ISP using PPPOE protocol. The network card that connects to the ISP router is assigned a static IP address given by the ISP (say with a default gateway (say and given subnet mask (say You have now connected to the ISP using PPPOE protocol. You want to share your Internet connection with other computers in your office or home network without need for an external proxy server. How will you go about it?

Solution: Windows 2000 Prof. supports Internet connection sharing using PPPOE. The requirements are:
1. Two network cards
2. Your local area network (LAN)
3. Your network computers need to be Windows 98/2000/xp (not tested with other OSes).

1. Install PPPOE protocol on your Windows 2000 computer that is to be connected to the ISP.
2. Install drivers for both the network cards, and ensure that your LAN is working properly. (This can be tested with NetBUE protocol).
3. Ensure that both network cards are bound to the PPPOE protocol (Use properties dialog box under"Network and DialUp-Connections".
4. Right click the PPPOE adapter and choose "Sharing" tab. Enable sharing and choose the adapter connected to the office/home network.
5. Exit by choosing ok.

On the client side, you need to enable "Obtain and IP address automatically"

and make appropriate selection on Internet explorer (on client machines) to use LAN for internet connection.

The above will enable Internet Connection Sharing using PPPOE on a Windows 2000 Professional computer.