Server+ Exam Cram Notes

Started by certforumz, August 25, 2011, 12:10:15 PM

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The CompTIA Server+ exam covers a range of topics related to server hardware, software, storage, security, networking, disaster recovery, and troubleshooting. The specific topics covered in the exam include:

Server Architecture
Differentiate between server form factors and their components
Compare and contrast different storage technologies
Explain the purpose and function of different types of memory and processors

Server Administration
Explain server roles and features
Analyze and explain server operating systems
Identify basic command line utilities

Server Storage
Explain the different RAID levels and their features
Identify different storage networking technologies
Explain the purpose and function of different backup and restore methods

Server Security
Identify common security threats and vulnerabilities
Explain access control and authentication methods
Describe the importance of physical security

Explain TCP/IP concepts and related protocols
Identify network topologies, devices, and cabling
Explain virtualization and cloud computing concepts

Disaster Recovery and Troubleshooting
Describe disaster recovery and business continuity concepts
Identify common troubleshooting methodology and tools
Explain performance monitoring and optimization techniques
It's important to note that CompTIA updates their exam content regularly, so be sure to check the official CompTIA Server+ exam objectives for the latest information on exam topics.