Comodo Code Signing Certificate - How To's

Started by certforumz, December 04, 2015, 08:26:33 PM

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Steps in acquiring Comodo Code Sign Cert:
1. Find reseller ( or some one else) and place your order
2. Login to and use "invite link" to fill up the details of the company and submit. Here, ensure that you use the same computer that you will be collecting the certificate. It is  to use the same computer for the certificate request and certificate collection as the private key is stored in "that" computer.
3. Register with Comodo Support site
4. Upload necessary documents
a. Individual - your identify proof, and address proof
b. Corporation - Certificate of Incorporation, and Certificate of Commencement of Business
5. Wait for the certificate to arrive.
6. Take a backup of your private key and the certificate

For specific documents required for verification, check out this link:

Comodo support website link:

Comodo forum link:

Gogetssl link (Cheapest available, after tucows):

Finally, you need to export the private key certificate. Use the procedure below to go ahead with it: