How Amazon group sites cheat you out of your web-sales commissions

Started by certforumz, November 18, 2015, 03:27:49 AM

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The author explains various ways that Amazon may avoid paying commission to the affiliates (also called associates). Briefly, these are:

1. Very short cookie - The cookie is valid only for 24hrs, and if a visitor returns to buy the recommended item after a span of 24 hrs, you don't get any commission.

2. Same site commision - You mind sign-up with as an affiliate. Then some one visits your site, and buys some item through your site. During this process, Amazon checks if the visitor is from US, if not, it prompts to use the amazon site of that country. If the visitor clicks on the native site and buys any thing, you will not be eligible for commission. For example, some one click on Blue Widgets on your site and directed to Assume that the visitor is from US. Then, he will be prompted to visit and buy the item. If he chooses Yes, then, you will not be eligible for commission. In a nut shell, your visitor needs to buy using the same amazon site that you had originally signed up.

3. Display Items may change - Support you had displayed a direct link to Blue Widget in your site using amazon link. Then amazon may change the Ad to display "Widgets" or "some thing else" without your intervention.

4. If you recommend your relative or friend or neighbor a book or article on Amazon and buy it via your website link (affiliatie link), the you are not eligible for commission. As per T and C, you can't influence a person whether relative or friend or neighbor to buy using affiliate links.

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