What is Suspicious.Cloud9

Started by certforumz, October 09, 2015, 03:02:49 AM

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According to definition:

Suspicious.Cloud.9 is a detection technology designed to detect entirely new malware threats without traditional signatures. This technology is aimed at detecting malicious software that has been intentionally mutated or morphed by attackers

It also gives raise to marking a good software as malware. There are many indications that the it detects good software as Suspicious.Cloud9 threat. The worst part is that the Symatec AV automatically deletes the file by default without giving the user an option to keep or delete it.

It appears that the users are driven to use only the Fortune (100 or 500 or what else?) companies to rely on their software requirements.

Please read a related topic here:
An Open Letter to Symantec

The article reads:
"Despite appearances, 'Suspicious.Insight' is not the name of a virus. It is an artificial label invented by Symantec. If Symantec's virus-checker tags a program file as 'Suspicious.Insight' it does this with no basis in observed malicious or nefarious activity, and very likely that file does not contain a virus — and almost certainly if 40+ other virus-checkers report no problem with that file (as is usually the case)."


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