How Indian sellers can sell to international customers using ebay?

Started by certforumz, July 03, 2015, 07:26:32 AM

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It is possible for india based sellers to sell internationally using ebay. Checkout this article:
Reproduced the options from the above article:

How can I sell internationally?

There are 2 ways to list your items internationally.

Use the international site visibility listing upgrade.

You can purchase this listing upgrade for some eBay websites, to maximize your item's visibility in search results on those sites.

1.If you're eligible for this listing upgrade, you'll have the option to add it before you submit your listing. There's a separate fee for each country you choose.

2.Choose a shipping option for the US, UK, Canada, and Australia so buyers will know what international shipping will cost.

List an item on another country's eBay website.

1.Go to

2.Scroll to the bottom of the page, place your pointer over the American flag, and then click the country where you want to list your item. You'll be taken to that country's eBay home page automatically.

3.Click Sell at the top of the page, and then create your listing.