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ITIL Certification - A useful cert for IT Staff


About ITIL: ITIL abbreviation stands for IT Infrastructure Library. The OGC, an office of HM Treasury (UK), is independent body and involved in ITIL (independent from software companies, software vendors, integrators, training protocols). This is why the ITIL is so widely used - its main asset is independency. ITIL is accredited by Information Systems Examinations Board (ISEB), and works on the British Computer Society (BCS). Another organization which provides ITIL examination is EXIN, an independent, Dutch-based IT examination provider.

ITIL Certification Paths: There are three levels of ITIL certification.

The first level is the ITIL Foundation Certification in IT Service Management (ITIL Foundation). The Foundation Certificate is a proof of understanding of the itil basis which includes most of itil terminology, terms, concepts and relationships between various ITIL processes.

The next level is Practitioner Certificate in IT Service Management (ITIL Practitioner) which is basically the proof of the practical knowledge in such areas as release and control, support and restore and/or agree and define.

The highest, 3rd level is ITIL Service Manager certification. This certification recognizes the tests a candidate for skills including theory, practice, experience in ITIL as well as communication, negotiation and presentation skills.

Official website:

Because of its vendor neutrality, ITIL certification is most widely recognized all over the world, especially in countries like UK, USA, Germany, and India.


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