Author Topic: Decision for form a separate state of Telangana..and unrest in Andhra Pradesh  (Read 2503 times)

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Recently, UPA government has decided to form a separate state of Telangana which includes Hyderabad. It has lead to a widespread unrest and bundh thoughout  AP. The main contention is that the Seemandhra people say that the UPA government has separated Seemandhra from AP, and not Telangana. It is strongly felt that giving away existing capital of AP, and also the water resources to Telangana leaves Seemandhra high and dry. Hyderabad earns nearly 40% of revenues for Andhra Pradesh and no other town in AP is anywhere near Hyderabad in terms of industries and revenue generation.

It appears to be short sighted decision of UPA government that has not given anything in return to Seemandhra for losing Hyderabad and water resources. The unrest is likely to stay for a long time to come.