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CompTIA A+ Essentials 220-801 Exam Objectives New 2012
« on: January 25, 2013, 11:49:11 PM »
CompTIA recently released revised objectes for A+ Cert. The exam codes are 220-801 and 220-802. There appears to be not much of a difference as far as the content goes. But, now the exam 801 deals with hardware and 802 deals with Operating system software, networking and security. The re-alignment of objectives reminds me of A+ Hardware and A+ Operating Systems exams way back in the year 2000.

The exam objectives for 220-801 are given below:
Domain                                Percentage of Examination
PC Hardware                           40%
Networking                              27%
Laptops                                   10%
Printers                                   11%
Operational Procedures          12%
Total                                     100%

As can be seen in the above, there is no mention of Operating Systems and Security. These are covered in the 802 exam.

Older exams (701 and 702) retire by August 2012.

One notable difference would be that CompTIA will be introducing performance based test for A+ certification. Which means, you may expect some simulation questions wherein you are required to type in proper commands to perform a given task. For example, changing the file permissions. You will need to type in appropriate command at the command prompt. Another example would be to use ipconfig command to see the default gateway address to answer the question.,853.0.html

Practice tests:

dumps and discussions: (CertForumz is not responsible for the content reproducsed from source):

Some comments from test takers:

wpzr from United States - Jan 24 2013, 1:24 AM Report Spam
Passed exam today 900/900
Was 3 simulations
Identify connectors and slots on motherboard
Build 2 workstations home/cad office
label RF, IrDA, and Bluetooth for distance, frequency and use.
100% question from this dump

BrownDog from United Kingdom - Jan 23 2013, 12:05 AM Report Spam
Took this today. Got 100% 900/900. Every single question is word for word from this dump - no questions that were not in this dump. I got 2 simulations that this dump did not help with - you need to know all the ports on a motherboard (all pciE, hdd, fdd, power, front panel IO, cpu power, fan power, usb, sata, etc) Another simulation was speeds/distances/frequencies of BT, RF, IR) - you need to read a decent prep text to know this - the answers are not in this dump) I don't think though that the simulation actually contributes to the score so no big deal anyway.
There is one mistake in this dump - 802.11g is *backwards* comparable with 802.11b and NOT 802.11n
As of today, if you can answer all questions in this dump, you WILL pass

Jennifer from United States - Jan 10 2013, 9:30 PM Report Spam
100% valid, just took if a few minutes ago. I had 3 simulations: 1) Motherboard parts (you had to drag and drop the motherboard label to the right part) and 2) I had to drag and drop specifications like the distance, frequency and common use of Infrared, BlueTooth and Radio Frequency and then 3) I had to drag and drop parts on a motherboard like the CPU, graphics card, an external display and such to a HTPC and a SOHO PC. I may have seen one question that wasn't on here- but all the other 80 questions I got were word for word. Thank you so much!!

Space from United States - Jan 08 2013, 3:44 PM Report Spam
This dump is 100% valid. Passed with 900 score. I got 3 sims:
1- Build a fast RAID system
2- Configure HTPC, Gaming System and a cost effective thick client (remember HTPC will have highest HDD capacity)
3- Connectors, HDMI (19 Pins-Type A) S-Video, VGA, Serial..

Juan from United States - Dec 03 2012, 4:37 PM Report Spam
There is 2 simulations at the beginning, then 82 multiple choice questions after that. The questions on this brain dump are exactly the same as the questions on the exam itself, word for word. Make sure and study though, for the simulations know all your motherboard connections/sockets, and know how to setup a wireless router for a SOHO. Know Mac Filtering. Made a 900, thanks for this awesome brain dump! Be aware I studied a ton as well, I recommend you do the same.

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