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Anand Software and Training, a leading software developer, released Computer Based Exam Engine (CBEE) for authors and organizations that require to evaluate candidates for requisite skills. The software is useful for conducting computer based competitive exams, employee skill testing, students testing in class room environment, and human resource (HR) evaluation of prospective employees.

The software is very exhaustive, and consists of two modules, namely Author module and Exam module. The author module is used for feeding the question database, candidates profiles, and exam information. The Exam module is used for administering the exam to candidates. As the name implies, Author module is used by the author or the instructor, and the Exam module is used by the instructor or the students to administer exam(s).

The important features of the author module are given below:

    Support for multiple types of questions
    Configuring the exam for various parameters such as time, question weightage, topics, etc.
    Exporting the exam data to Exam engine.

The important features of the Exam engine include the following:

    Different modes of operation - Learn mode and Exam mode
    Display adjustments - font, day/night modes
    Flash card explanations and in-line feedback
    Detailed stats
    Individual profiles for candidates
    Timed with answer review and bookmarking

You may find the complete list of features by visiting the product page below:

The software comes with a demo version that is free to download and use. The full version is priced very competitively, and the software may be activated online automatically.

About Anand Software and Training: The Company is involved in development of desktop and mobile apps for device simulators, exam simulators, and web design and development. is a brand website of Anand Software and Training.

Update: The software has been developed for use with Android phones. The exam engine on android phones support MCQs, and Drag Drop type questions. Check out the software here on Google Play:


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