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Cisco CCNP Is One of The Top 10 Certifications
« on: April 21, 2017, 07:18:00 AM »
CCNP, short for Cisco Certified Network Professional, is among the top 10 most sought after certifications in the area of networking as per TomsITPro review. To appear for CCNP (R&S), one needs to have fulfilled the CCNA (R&S) exam. There are three constituent exams that one need to pass for getting CCNP certified. These are, 1) CCNP Route, 2) CCNP Switch, and 3) CCNP TShoot exams. As the name implies, Route exam tests a candidate of his ability to configure and troubleshoot networks medium to large organizations. The exam involves routing protocols like RIPv3, OSPF v3, and BGP. WAN protocols like ATM and Frame Relay are also included in the CCNP Route exam.

CCNP Switch exam includes configuring and troubleshooting switches including 3-layer switches. Switch focuses on STP configurations, securing STP, and securing routing protocols. BPDU security is an important topic in switch exam.

CCNP Tshoot focuses on troubleshooting routed and switched networks in medium to large networks. You need to be thorough with troubleshooting techniques using various tools available to networking engineers. A thorough knowledge of IPv4 and IPv6 is valuable. You will be required to review your basic understanding of the concepts, and configuration and troubleshooting commands.

How to Prepare for CCNP?

It is best to start with the Cisco official study guides as given below:

 ROUTE 300-101 Official Cert Guide,
SWITCH 300-115 Official Cert Guide, and
TSHOOT 300-135 Official Cert Guide
All the above are bundled in CCNP Routing and Switching bundle. Check out:

It is important that you practice the labs given within the study guide. Access to real router/swtch network would be an added advbantage. However, if you don’t have access to actual physical hardware, you may consider buying  virtual router simulator from one of the available vendors such as Bosn, and Check out their websites.

How to Pass CCNP?

CCNP is actually an extension of what you learned in CCNA. That is why CCNA is the reason, why Cisco has made CCNA as the pre-requisite for attempting CCNP exams.

In CCNP Routing and Switching, there are three Examinations that you need to pass in order to earn Cisco CCNP Cert in R&S. These exams are:

300-101 ROUTE – Implementing Cisco IP Routing
300-115 SWITCH – Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks
300-135 TSHOOT – Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks
It is advisable to take CCNP Route first. The exam code for this as of now is 300-101. It is an extension of what you had learned in CCNA, but several topics are discussed in-depth. These topics include RIPv2, OSPF, BGP, and WANs. Try to solve all the chapter end exercises in the official Cisco Route book. You can take a few practice tests on CCNP Route available from third party vendors to test your knowledge. Note that the official fee for taking these exams is very high, of the order of 200-300 US$. The practice tests are cheap, as low as US$30 with good quality questions. Though you can read any reviews in forums, do not rely on dumps, usually, they are outdated and provide wrong answers.

Next exam that you would prefer to attempt is CCNP Switch. This exam is relatively easy, and would take less than a week, if you prepare full  time. Here too, take chapter end questions, and understand the concepts thoroughly. You may take a few CCNP Switch practice tests that are available for as low as US$30. It would boost confidence levels for passing the exam. It also helps you in knowing any weak areas that you may need to improve.

The toughest among the three is the CCNP TShoot exam. Not if you have sufficient hands-on experience with routers and switches. The exam is more about troubleshooting techniques that you may need when attempting to solve networking problems. Some vendors have netsims for hands on experience. You can also use Packet Tracer available from Cisco.  You may also check out the CCNA Netsim available from
Job Opportunities:

There are good job opportunities for CCNP certified candidates. However, note that you need to be pursuing networking as your career, rather than a stop gap arrangement. Average salaries range from around 90000 USD up to 130,000 USD. Checkout with portals that offer networking jobs in your geographical area.

Further Certifications:

Of course, CCNP is not the end. You can continue your journey by going to the expert-level certs suchs as CCIE or you may also attempt other concentrations such as CCNP Cloud. It mainly depends on your interests and your present work area.

Good luck!



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