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Google Adwords Ads Review Process - Oh - automated


The entire adwords ads review process is automated, though manual review option is available. As per the article:
Ad Review
Quote//  Ads — along with their individual landing pages — go through two levels of automated/technological review. If an ad fails the first level, it’s disapproved. Some are flagged for further review and are tagged as “Under Review.” If the ad and landing page pass, the ad becomes “Eligible” and begins to serve on to users with safe search turned off.

Then, there’s a second level of review for ads in the last couple of categories. If the automated system is confident it’s judging the ad accurately, it will either approve the ad for distribution to everyone (“Approved”), approve the ad for certain users in certain locations (“Approved – Limited”), or reject it (“Disapproved”). If the technological system can’t come to a determination, it goes to a real person — who undergoes extensive and ongoing training — to make a final decision. All human decisions are fed back into the machine-learning system to make it “smarter.”//Unquote

You may be surprised to see the adwords ad rejected and puzzled as to what is the problem with the ad that you had spent so much time to develop. You wont be surprised any more after knowing that the ad review process has been done by machine (automated). Machines can't think..right?
Take care of the following:
1. The keywords used in your ad are exactly matching those in the landing page.
2. The keywords used in your ad appear in the landing page (ok, majority of the keywords)
The autobot finds the relevancy of the landing page by looking at matching keywords both in the ad and the landing page (how archaic!!)
Don't use similar meaning keywords, autobots are not good at it, and its very likely that your ad is rejected for non relevance!!

As side note, remember if you resubmit an ad, it would be immediately reviewed and if rejected multiple times, your adwords account may be suspended (this, I think is to ensure that the autobots are not over loaded by resubmissions).

A good article here, worth reading:

Good luck!


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