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How to optimize adwords - prevent bleeding


Follow the steps below to prevent adbleed:

1. Segregate Search and Display ads: You need to open separate campaigns for search and display ads. Don't mix both. It is difficult to isolate problem areas at a later stage as the campaigns grow and need for optimization required.

2. Segregate googleplay ads, if possible. If you don't separate, it is possible all your budget is consumed by googleplay ads itself and none are displayed on desktop audience. Checkout this for learning how to disable googleplay app ads.,1781.0.html
Note that by default, googleplay apps adds show as desktop ads. It is a little tricky area.

3. Have separate compaign for mobile ads: It is recommened to have a separate campaign for mobile ads. You can remove mobile ads from Search or Display ad compaigns by reducing the weight by 100% under "Devices". Check out this blog:,1782.0.html

4. Then, review the Search ads on daily basis, and remove or exclude sites that you find spammy. You can find it by seeing very high click-thru rates. Physically verify the sites, if required.

5. Review Display placements, and exclude any sites that you may think are spammy. You may need to physically visit the site to determine if a site is spammy. Remember to exclude from the campaign itself. If you exclude from the group, these spammy sites still show up in the other groups of the same campaign.

6. Tuning for geographical areas (countries): It is important to tune the campaign for the most important customer base. Assuming 90% of your customers are in usa and 10% in canada, don't put both countries in the same group. It may so happen that 90% of your paid traffic come from canada (who don't turnout to be customers), and 10% from USA (where majority of your customers reside). Create two groups and set budgets separately so that you get proportionate traffic from both the countries.

7. Fine tune your budget. Keep control on spending, as it is easy for adwords to consume 100s of dollars in no time with wrong placements.

Good luck!


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