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CCNA Certification / CCNA 200-301 Practice Tests for macOS
« Last post by Venkatesh D on August 03, 2020, 03:46:04 AM »
CCNA Practice Tests for macOS application is an practice test simulator that provides 500+ practice questions for learning, practice and test your preparation for the 200-301 CCNA exam.

Includes features:
  • Include 500+ highly relevant questions
  • Flashcards for each question.
  • Various question-types (MCSA,MCMA,Exhibit,true/false,testlets)
  • Category wise scoring and reporting.
  • Configuration of exam to change the maximum time, score, pass percentage and permitted buttons while taking exam.
  • Review feature after taking simulated exam allows you to understand the incorrect answers and explanation for the question.

CCNA Certification / CCNA 200*301 Android apps
« Last post by Venkatesh D on June 19, 2020, 09:43:05 AM »
SimulationExams recently updated Android apps for CCNA 200–301 in play store with more than 500 practice questions and answers to learn, practice and test your knowledge on the new syllabus of CCNA. This apps covers all objectives included in the syllabus of the new ccna 200–301 certification exam like network fundamentals, IP connectivity, IP services, network access, security fundamentals, and automation and programmability.
Normally, all other ccna exam simulators are limited to multiple-choice questions but it supports different question types like multiple choice, exhibit type, performance-based, text/image-based drag and drop questions. This android ccna apps simulates the real test environment when the candidate taking the test in exam mode and provides flashcards for each question in learn mode to understand the concepts. Review feature after taking simulated exam allows you to understand the incorrect answers and explanation for the question.
About Simulationexams: SimulationExams is the most famed site providing practice exams for ccna and several other certifications. Practice tests help in consolidating your concepts, preparation and also as exam cram. Each test is based on respective vendors' published exam objectives and designed to help attain certification.
Disclaimer: SimulationExams is not associated with Cisco organization and CCNA is the trademark of Cisco duly acknowledged. The practice tests material is a copyright of and the same is not approved or endorsed by respective certifying bodies.
CCNA Certification / Certexams CCNA 200-301 Certification CBT
« Last post by Venkatesh D on June 08, 2020, 07:59:03 AM »
CCNA 200-301 certification is a very promising certification offered by the Cisco Company. This test the successful people’s knowledge and skills related to network fundamentals, network access, IP connectivity, IP services, security fundamentals, automation and programmability. Sometimes it’s not just about how much you study, but it really important to finding the best trainings that are available to study for  CCNA. Because materials from well-established vendors are a great way to ensure you are getting quality materials.
Certexams is the one of the best ccna online training websites which offers CCNA CBT includes exam simulator and network simulator based on the new ccna 200-301 exam topics. Exam simulator provides practice questions with flashcard explanation for each question in learn mode and simulates real exam environment in exam mode. Network simulator enables you to practice several labs available and provides advanced router/switch network simulator functionalities including VLANs, VTP, interVLAn communications, RIP v2, OSPF, and WAN protocol simulation.
Highlights of CCNA CBT(Computer Based Trainer):
• Includes 100+ scenario type labs for NAT, OSPF, EIGRP, Access lists and others ccna topics.
• Detailed help files that provide step by step instructions on using the simulator.
• Supports 300+ router/switch commands.
• Supports short form commands, and tab in IOS simulator.
• Supports different question types like multiple-choice, performance-based, drag-and-drop, router simulation type questions.
• Learn mode to access questions, answers, explanations and other learning materials to maximize your study effectiveness.
• Exam mode to test your preparedness with actual test surroundings.
• Next, Review mode to review yourself and to identify knowledge and skills you need improve.
• And then, Options to save the results for future view.
About Certexams: The website offers exam simulator and network simulators for Cisco CCNA certification exam according to the new exam objectives.
Disclaimer: is neither associated nor affiliated with Cisco® systems or any other company. CCNA™ is trademarks of Cisco® Systems and duly acknowledged. The practice tests material is a copyright of and the same is not approved or endorsed by respective certifying bodies.
Gaining IT certifications like Cisco®, CompTIA®, Juniper®, PMP, CheckPoint®, Microsoft and others will validate your abilities and assist you to develop your career. If you want to boost your skills and knowledge on the subject, there may be no shortage of online training to help you in your preparation. In fact, there are so many choices in online that offering training and practice. Here the difficult element is locating which platform is best.
To help you navigate the rapidly expanding world of online education, certexams is considered one of the top sites focusing on networking and technology. This gives Network simulators, exam simulators and lab simulators to upgrade your competencies. Now I just give you the short information of each product offered by the Certexams.
Network simulators:
Network Simulators offered by include router, switch, terminal simulators. These can help in preparing for networking exams like CCNA and JNCIA. Several Labs are supported to learn and practice networking of Cisco® and Juniper® commands. Additionally Network Simulator include virtual network designer to create your own network.
Exam simulators:
Include 300+ questions in each exam simulator which are according to the latest objectives for that exam. These will help in preparing for Cisco CCNA, CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Server+, JNCIA-Junos, PMP and Others. It supports different question types including multiple-choice, true/false, drag-n-drop, simlets, testlets and router simulations. Exams taken can be saved and reviewed any time. Detailed explanations are provided with every question to make learning easy.
Lab simulator:
Lab Simulators provides practice labs for CompTIA® A+ and Network+ with 100+ labs for hand-on experience. The software comes with several readymade labs so that users can get acquainted with the simulator and its functionalities. Network+ Lab Sim also provides network designer which can be used to design own networks.
Many products are available for use without payment and some needs to pay for use. Recently has announced the 30% discount on all products.
Disclaimer: is not associated or affiliated with Cisco®, CompTIA®, Junipe® or any other company. All trademarks are duly acknowledged. CCNA™ are trademarks of Cisco® Systems. A+™, Network+™, Security+™, Server+™ are trademarks of CompTIA® organization. Juniper™ JUNOS is a trade mark of Juniper® Systems, PMP™ is trademark of Project Management Institute. All the products available here is the copyright of and the same is not approved or endorsed by respective certifying bodies.
CCNA Certification / Cisco CCNA Practice Exam Engine
« Last post by Venkatesh D on May 05, 2020, 10:17:20 AM »
SimulationExams has recently released the Cisco® CCNA Practice test with the better user experience. This practice test is designed with 500+ practice questions to help you learn the concepts. The practice test has mapped with the latest syllabus and many other specifications and tests the candidate's knowledge and skills required to successfully install, operate and troubleshoot a small to medium-size enterprise branch network.
Features of new CCNA 200–301 test engine
With this integrated test engine user can now download, install, any other available tests and with fewer effort users are enabled to check for the latest updates available for individual practice tests with just one click. Ability to give feedback for a specific question while taking the exam. The practice tests, offered by simulationexams covers all the recent exam objectives and provide a timed test environment as seen in the actual exam. Other feature of the module includes Learn mode and Exam modes, detailed stats, bookmarking the questions.
The CCNA exam simulator for windows includes 575+ relevant question and answers with flashcards. The practice test Completely revised with Simlets, Testlets, and Router Simulation questions and the practice exam is revised with the latest syllabus includes several topics based on Network Fundamentals, LAN Switching Technologies, Routing Technologies, WAN Technologies, Infrastructure Services, Infrastructure Security and Infrastructure Management.
CCNA Android Practice App and CCNA iOS Practice Apps are available to practice the test with your mobile that you can study wherever you are just on your fingertips.
About SimulationExams: The website is the brand site of Anand Software and Training, offers practice tests for various certification exams including Cisco CCNA™, CompTIA A+™, Network+™, Juniper JNCIA™, and others.
Disclaimer: is neither associated nor affiliated with Cisco® or any other company. CCNA™ is the trademarks of Cisco® and duly acknowledged.
CCNA Certification / CompTIA A+ Core 2 220-1002 Cram Notes
« Last post by Venkatesh D on April 09, 2020, 01:34:55 AM »
CompTIA A+ is the most common certification to enter in IT sector, The certification certifies the successful candidates skills required for entry-level Computer service professionals in installing, maintaining, customizing, and operating personal computers. To earn compatia a+ certification the candidates should pass both comptia a+ 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams. A+ Core 1 targets Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Mobile Devices, Hardware, Networking, technology and troubleshooting.  Core 2 exam targets on installing and configuring operating systems, Troubleshooting software, operational procedures and security.
CompTIA A+ Core 2 220-1002 is one of the two exams you need to pass to earn comptia certification. Simulationexams is a website that offers online training which includes practice exams and cram notes for comptia exams. A+ core 2 notes covers all the latest updated objectives of comptia a+ and intended to help the candidates preparing to take the a+ core 2 certification exam. Each topic explained in detail for better understanding of concepts.
About is the best CompTIA certification online study resource, here you can find exam cram notes primarily intended for use at the advanced stage of comptia certification preparation. The guides are updated at frequent intervals based on the new objectives.
Disclaimer: is neither associated nor affiliated with CompTIA or any other company. A+ is the trademarks of juniper and duly acknowledged. The exam cram notes materials a copyrights of and the same is not approved or endorsed by respective certifying bodies.
CCNA Certification / CCNA 200-301 Certification
« Last post by certforumz on April 02, 2020, 06:34:46 AM »
Check out the exam objectives for CCNA 200-301

The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. To better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the guidelines below may change at any time without notice.

Download Complete List of Topics in PDF format

1.1 Explain the role and function of network components

    1.1.a Routers
    1.1.b L2 and L3 switches
    1.1.c Next-generation firewalls and IPS
    1.1.d Access points
    1.1.e Controllers (Cisco DNA Center and WLC)
    1.1.f Endpoints
    1.1.g Servers

1.2 Describe characteristics of network topology architectures

    1.2.a 2 tier
    1.2.b 3 tier
    1.2.c Spine-leaf
    1.2.d WAN
    1.2.e Small office/home office (SOHO)
    1.2.f On-premises and cloud

1.3 Compare physical interface and cabling types

    1.3.a Single-mode fiber, multimode fiber, copper
    1.3.b Connections (Ethernet shared media and point-to-point)
    1.3.c Concepts of PoE

1.4 Identify interface and cable issues (collisions, errors, mismatch duplex, and/or speed)

1.5 Compare TCP to UDP

1.6 Configure and verify IPv4 addressing and subnetting

1.7 Describe the need for private IPv4 addressing

1.8 Configure and verify IPv6 addressing and prefix

1.9 Compare IPv6 address types

    1.9.a Global unicast
    1.9.b Unique local
    1.9.c Link local
    1.9.d Anycast
    1.9.e Multicast
    1.9.f Modified EUI 64

1.10 Verify IP parameters for Client OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)

1.11 Describe wireless principles

    1.11.a Nonoverlapping Wi-Fi channels
    1.11.b SSID
    1.11.c RF
    1.11.d Encryption

1.12 Explain virtualization fundamentals (virtual machines)

1.13 Describe switching concepts

    1.13.a MAC learning and aging
    1.13.b Frame switching
    1.13.c Frame flooding
    1.13.d MAC address table

2.1 Configure and verify VLANs (normal range) spanning multiple switches

    2.1.a Access ports (data and voice)
    2.1.b Default VLAN
    2.1.c Connectivity

2.2 Configure and verify interswitch connectivity

    2.2.a Trunk ports
    2.2.b 802.1Q
    2.2.c Native VLAN

2.3 Configure and verify Layer 2 discovery protocols (Cisco Discovery Protocol and LLDP)

2.4 Configure and verify (Layer 2/Layer 3) EtherChannel (LACP)

2.5 Describe the need for and basic operations of Rapid PVST+ Spanning Tree Protocol and identify basic operations

    2.5.a Root port, root bridge (primary/secondary), and other port names
    2.5.b Port states (forwarding/blocking)
    2.5.c PortFast benefits

2.6 Compare Cisco Wireless Architectures and AP modes

2.7 Describe physical infrastructure connections of WLAN components (AP,WLC, access/trunk ports, and LAG)

2.8 Describe AP and WLC management access connections (Telnet, SSH, HTTP,HTTPS, console, and TACACS+/RADIUS)

2.9 Configure the components of a wireless LAN access for client  connectivity using GUI only such as WLAN creation, security settings, QoS profiles, and advanced WLAN settings

3.1 Interpret the components of routing table

    3.1.a Routing protocol code
    3.1.b Prefix
    3.1.c Network mask
    3.1.d Next hop
    3.1.e Administrative distance
    3.1.f Metric
    3.1.g Gateway of last resort

3.2 Determine how a router makes a forwarding decision by default

    3.2.a Longest match
    3.2.b Administrative distance
    3.2.c Routing protocol metric

3.3 Configure and verify IPv4 and IPv6 static routing

    3.3.a Default route
    3.3.b Network route
    3.3.c Host route
    3.3.d Floating static

3.4 Configure and verify single area OSPFv2

    3.4.a Neighbor adjacencies
    3.4.b Point-to-point
    3.4.c Broadcast (DR/BDR selection)
    3.4.d Router ID

3.5 Describe the purpose of first hop redundancy protocol

4.1 Configure and verify inside source NAT using static and pools

4.2 Configure and verify NTP operating in a client and server mode

4.3 Explain the role of DHCP and DNS within the network

4.4 Explain the function of SNMP in network operations

4.5 Describe the use of syslog features including facilities and levels

4.6 Configure and verify DHCP client and relay

4.7 Explain the forwarding per-hop behavior (PHB) for QoS such as classification, marking, queuing, congestion, policing, shaping

4.8 Configure network devices for remote access using SSH

4.9 Describe the capabilities and function of TFTP/FTP in the network

5.1 Define key security concepts (threats, vulnerabilities, exploits, and mitigation techniques)

5.2 Describe security program elements (user awareness, training, and physical access control)

5.3 Configure device access control using local passwords

5.4 Describe security password policies elements, such as management, complexity, and password alternatives (multifactor authentication, certificates, and biometrics)

5.5. Describe remote access and site-to-site VPNs

5.6 Configure and verify access control lists

5.7 Configure Layer 2 security features (DHCP snooping, dynamic ARP inspection, and port security)

5.8 Differentiate authentication, authorization, and accounting concepts

5.9 Describe wireless security protocols (WPA, WPA2, and WPA3)

5.10 Configure WLAN using WPA2 PSK using the GUI

6.1 Explain how automation impacts network management

6.2 Compare traditional networks with controller-based networking

6.3 Describe controller-based and software defined architectures (overlay, underlay, and fabric)

    6.3.a Separation of control plane and data plane
    6.3.b North-bound and south-bound APIs

6.4 Compare traditional campus device management with Cisco DNA Center enabled device management

6.5 Describe characteristics of REST-based APIs (CRUD, HTTP verbs, and data encoding)

6.6 Recognize the capabilities of configuration management mechanisms Puppet, Chef, and Ansible

6.7 Interpret JSON encoded data
CCNA Certification / CertExams - CCNA Exam Simulator with GUI Based Labs
« Last post by Venkatesh D on March 30, 2020, 08:24:19 AM »
Cisco CCNA Associate-Level Cisco Career Certification, Achieving CCNA certification is the first step towards growing in the IT industry. To earn ccna certification the candidate should pass cisco ccna 200-301 that covers a broad range of fundamentals for IT careers, based on the latest networking technologies, software development skills, and job roles. The new ccna 200-301 test includes security, automation and programmability. It tests the candidate’s skills and knowledge related to the following topics.
•   Network Fundamentals
•   Network Access
•   IP Connectivity
•   IP Services
•   Security Fundamentals
•   Automation and Programmability

CertExams is a famed website offering the online training for Cisco CCNA, Includes practice exam simulator and CCNA GUI based network simulator according to the new objectives. Provides advanced router/switch network simulator functionalities including VLAN, VTP, InterVLAN communication, RIP v2, OSPF and WAN protocol simulation. Netsim consists 100s of networking lab exercises for ccna and exam simulator offers more than 500 example questions and answers. Get the demo version of the CCNA simulator for labs practice and to test your knowledge on ccna topics.
Features of CCNA Simulator:
• Includes 100+ exercises on ccna topics like NAT, OSPF, EIGRP, Access list and others.
• Detailed help files are provided with step by step instructions.
• Offers 500+ practice questions with detailed answer flash cards.
• Supports 300+ router/switch commands.
• Simulates cisco ios routers and switches, supports 17xx, 25xx, 26xx, 36xx routers and 19xx, 29xx switches.
• Supports practice questions like multiple choice, simlets, testlets and router simulations.
• Learn mode helps to practice the questions with answers.
• Exam mode helps to test your knowledge in the real exam environment.
• Review mode helps to save the test results for future viewing purposes.

About Certexams is a leading website that offers Exam simulator and Network simulator provide vendor for cisco certifications like CCNA, CCNP, and others. Exam simulator offers practice questions with verified answers and network simulator offers practice labs.

Disclaimer: Certexams is neither associated nor affiliated with cisco systems, Inc. Or any other companies. CCNA is the trademark of cisco systems and duly acknowledged. Exam simulator and network simulator is the copyright of and the same is not approved or endorsed by respective certifying bodies.
Juniper Certification Resources / Juniper JNCIA-Junos JN0-102 Exam Cram Guide
« Last post by Venkatesh D on March 24, 2020, 03:03:30 AM »
Juniper JNCIA-Junos is the entry-level certification that focused mainly on people with basic experience with Junos OS and understands the basics of networking, routing and switching. To earn JNCIA-Junos certification, candidates need to pass the JN0–102 exam which consists of 65 Multiple Choice Questions and takes 90 minutes to complete.
ExamGuides is one of the best-known sites, here you can find the exam cram notes for a quick review of concepts and JNCIA practice exams includes multiple-choice, Drag-n-Drop based sample questions that simulate juniper JN0–102 certification actual test. Below is a list of JNCIA exam study online notes.
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Junos OS Fundamentals
  • User Interfaces
  • Junos Configuration Basics
  • Operational Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Routing Fundamentals
  • Routing Policy and Firewall Filters
About is the best Juniper JNCIA certification online study resource, here you can find exam cram notes primarily intended for use at the advanced stage of Juniper certification exam preparation. The guides are updated at frequent intervals based on the new objectives.
Disclaimer: is neither associated nor affiliated with Juniper® or any other company. JNCIA is trademarks of Juniper® and duly acknowledged. The Exam Cram notes material is a copyright of and the same is not approved or endorsed by respective certifying bodies.
CCNA Certification / Switch Network Simulator
« Last post by Venkatesh D on March 18, 2020, 05:29:26 AM » has recently revised switch network simulator software, provides several lab exercises for a better experience and intended to give practical knowledge about switch command for those who are interested in learning practical switching. Along with practice labs, one will be able to configure/troubleshoot the switch network. It is also useful in any certification preparation such as Cisco CCNA or Juniper JNCIA. Detailed help files enabling step by step experimentation and the complete list of labs is available with the lab manual of the downloaded software. Demo version of switch network simulator is limited with the fewer labs and up to global level configuration.

What Functions are covered in the simulator software?

You will learn basic switch connectivity, STP, PVSTP, VTP, PoE and a few other topics. For the complete list of labs and supported commands, please refer to the links provided on this page.

About Switch Simulator: Switch Network Simulator provides an effective lab environment by simulating a switch network consisting of Cisco IOS and Juniper Junos switches. Additionally, a lab manual provides hands-on experience configuration and troubleshooting of a switch network consisting of cisco and juniper switches.

Disclaimer: is neither associated nor affiliated with Cisco®, CompTIA® or any other company. The simulator lab exercises and materials are copyright of and the same is not approved or endorsed by respective certifying bodies.
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