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Title: Orange HRM - Customization
Post by: certforumz on November 27, 2017, 04:08:11 AM
Consider the following:
 [OrangeHRM v3.0.1] How to change logo images
There are two logo images:

    Path to logo image used on login screen:

    Width: 339px Height: 66px
    Path to logo image used after logging in:

    Width: 283px Height: 56px

I recommend renaming those images and uploading your own logo and renaming the file to logo.png

Note: when the mouse pointer is hovered over the logo "OrangeHRM" is displayed as the HTML ALT text.  This can be changed by editing freshorange.php, path:


 Search for alt="OrangeHRM" text and replace OrangeHRM with whatever you want.

You can also edit the hard-coded image dimensions for the logo.png image in layout.php.  Search for logo.png text and then edit the width and height.  Look from about line 51.

Notes about the login page

    On the login page there is no alt text or hardcoded image dimensions for the logo image
    Beware if your logo is not height 66px, it will mess up the CSS positioning of the various elements on the form in the login page
    You can edit loginSuccess.php to hard-code your own image dimensions, path \symfony\apps\orangehrm\modules\auth\templates\loginSuccess.php
    My next blog post will focus on modifying and re-theming the login page

+## Styling
+*Add your own logo to the top bar: Create `logo.png` in `webres_5523b60dca2e19.91394908/themes/default/images/`. The image should be 568 by 66 pixels.
+*Add your own logo to the login scren: Create `logo.png` in `webres_5523b60dca2e19.91394908/themes/default/images/login/`.

Title: Re: Orange HRM - Customization
Post by: certforumz on November 27, 2017, 06:56:15 AM
Not sure how helpful: