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Security+ SY0-501 Certification
« on: December 08, 2017, 04:24:21 AM »
New Security+ certification has been released effective from Oct 2017. CompTIA indicates that the SY0-401 exam will be available until July 31st, 2018 in English. Other languages may be available for varied periods of time.

SY0-501 Objectives: (active)

Threats, Attacks, & Vulnerabilities   21%
Technologies & Tools   22%
Architecture & Design   15%
Identity & Access Management   10%
Risk Management   14%
Cryptography & PKI   12%

SY0-401 Objectives: (active, English version retires by July 2018)
1.0 Network Security 20%
2.0 Compliance and Operational Security 18%
3.0 Threats and Vulnerabilities 20%
4.0 Application, Data and Host Security 15%
5.0 Access Control and Identity Management 15%
6.0 Cryptography 12%
Total 100%

1. The SY0-501 exam is supposed to contain substantially more validation of hands on skills. This implies more performance based questions on the exam
2. Several multiple choice questions being swapped out for each performance based question that the candidate encounters on the exam.

    A+ requires 6-9 months of IT/Technology experience and the completion of two certification exams (currently 220-901 and 220-902).
    Network+ requires 18 months of IT experience, training in networking infrastructure and technologies, and hands on skills with detailed emphasis on TCP/IP, UDP/IP, and internet packet header content.
    Security+ suggests a minimum of 2 years of IT/technology experience that includes A+, Network+, or equivalent skill sets.


Check out the practice questions here:
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