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« Last post by certforumz on April 16, 2018, 03:05:22 AM », leading network simulators and exam simulators website, launched its certification blog site recently. The blog contains up to date information on product launches and version releases. The blog uses WordPress software and contains the following menu elements:

Top Menu: The top menu is in step with the rest of the site. main site menu is reflected on the blog to maintain consistency and provide better user experience.

Left Menu: It consists of the following headings:

1) Recent Posts - Most recent posts are given here for ready reference. Users can click on any post and navigate to that post directly.

2) Pages - consisting of the following:

a) CCNA ExamSim CCNA Examsim is among the most advanced practice tests for CCNA. Question types include MCQs, Testlets, Simlets and Router Simulations.

b) Hosts and Networks for Class B/C IPv4 Networks Provides a ready reference to Class B and Class C networks and hosts.

c) CCNA Netsim The netsim offers individuals preparing for CCNA/CCENT the ability to work on a network in virtual environment without having to buy the costly gear.

Juniper Netsim This is similar to Cisco CCNA netsim, but for Juniper. Juniper Networks have wide range of networking equipment is a major player in networking hardware manufacturers.

ASCII Chart Find useful articles here.

3) Archives

4) Categories consisting of Netsims, Labsims, and Exam Simulators

5) Meta info consisting of Login, entries, etc.

Footer: It consists of Copyright information, as usual.

Some of the main areas of coverage are Cisco® certs, Juniper certs and Comptia® certs. Certexams offers network simulators for CCNA® preparation in addition to exam simulators. The practice questions offered by CCNA tests include Testlets, Simlets, and Simulations in addition to traditional MCQs. All practice tests and netsims are available in demo version as well as in the full version modes. Full version is only available on purchase of the same.

Recenly, PBQs (Performance Based Questions) have been added to Comptia practice tests in line with the recent update by the vendor. Labsims for A+ and Net+ provide hands-on experience in a simulated environment for candidates appearing for respective certs.

The blog is updated frequently and more technical notes and product information is added from time to time. Please leave your feedback on the blog.

About blog site: The blog is maintained by, a brand of Anand Software and Training, Bangalore. India. specializes in offering Cisco and Juniper Netsims and exam sims for various certs.

Disclaimer: is not associated with Comptia®, Cisco® or any other company and respective trademarks are duly recognized. Comptia A+® and Network+® are trademarks of Comptia® and CCNA® is a trademark of Cisco Systems®.

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Social Networks / Re: Facebook Cover and Profile Photo Sizes
« Last post by certforumz on March 31, 2018, 03:55:23 AM »
Supported Image Sizes

When publishing to Facebook, you want to make sure each image displays well for your fans, friends and followers to see. Facebook officially supports the following widths for images and Nasim Mansurov, author and founder of Photography Life, points out that link thumbnails and profile pictures have pre-set dimensions too:

    Status update photos: 720 px, 960 px, 2048 px
    Cover photos: 851 px by 315 px
    Full Width Link Thumbnails: 484 px by 252 px
    Profile Picture in Header: 180 px by 180 px

Every day, users upload more than 350 million photos to Facebook. To support those files at scale, Facebook compresses the size of your images so they might not always be as crystal clear as the original. That said, compliance with its supported photo sizes allows you to ensure the visuals you upload look as good as they can be.

The company advises, “If you use a 2048 px photo, make sure to select the High Quality option when you upload it. To avoid compression when you upload your cover photo, make sure the file size is less than 100 KB.”
Resizing Visual Assets

To resize your photos without negatively impacting their quality, wedding photographer Trevor Dayley recommends using Lightroom, Photoshop or BlogStomp.

For Lightroom, Dayley instructs:

    Go to the options under Imaging Sizing.
    Choose “Resize to Fit.”
    Then click the drop down box and choose “Long Edge.”
    Type in 2048* and make sure pixels is selected.
    Save your settings as a User Preset for exporting images by clicking the “Add” button in the bottom left corner. This allows you to easily use the same settings in the future.

In Photoshop, the quickest way to resize an image starts with:

    Viewing the top menu and clicking “Image.”
    Select “Image Size” from the drop-down menu.
    Make sure the box for “Constrain Proportions” is checked. This ensures the height also resizes when you adjust the image’s width.
    Then, select 720 px, 960 px or 2048 px for your file width
    Click “Ok” to confirm.

For BlogStomp, Dayley advises:

    Click the drop down on the bottom to choose to “Edit (or create) Your Styles.”
    When the settings box pops up just choose the Image Width to be 2048.*
    Give your new style a name and save it.
    Then make sure to select your new style from the drop down box before choosing the images you would like to stomp.

* This, of course, only works if your image is already close to or larger than 2048 px in width. Resize your image to the nearest supported width, if possible. In most cases, you want to shrink the image; enlarging it may make the image look worse.

In case you do not own any of those programs, Pic Resize is a free and simple online tool for cropping, resizing and adding special effects to any of your images.

Also, when you do post anything to Facebook, make sure it is something your fans will actually love. Irrelevant or low-quality content will drown in the overflowing sea of status updates on users’ News Feeds. When you do decide to share a neat photo or image, make sure it is appropriately sized and that it is an awesome visual people will happily “like” and “share.”
CCNA Certification / CCNA and Specializations
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What is Cisco CCNA Certification?

The CCNA Certification has been formulated by Cisco and stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. CCNA is the most popular certification in the Networking Industry; It builds as the initial bridge among all other certifications courses. CCNA is the most sought certification program for entry level Network Engineers.  CCNA certification builds the foundation knowledge in Networking. Because the certification opens the door wide into the world of IT networking, it is considered one of the best IT certifications.

Types of CCNA?

    CCNA Routing and Switching
    CCNA Security
    CCNA Cloud
    CCNA Collaboration
    CCNA Data Center
    CCNA Industrial
    CCNA Service Provider
    CCNA Wireless
    CCNA Cyber Ops (Recently Added to Cisco Certifications)

CCNA Routing and Switching

CISCO Routing and Switching is an associate level certification from Cisco System. This certificate plays an important role in escalating investment in fundamental Networking Knowledge and intensifies the significance of your employers Network.  CCNA Routing and Switching also called as CCNA R & S certification conforms a person’s ability to install, configure, operate and troubleshooting medium size routing and switching networks.


    Outline the fundamentals of networking and TCP/IP
    Define spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and Ether Channel
    Describe VLAN and inter-VLAN Routing
    Describe IPv4 addressing and IOS licensing
    Describe the managing of CISCO interwork and devices
    Describe the configuration and troubleshooting of OSPF, EIGRP and IPv6
    Define wide Area Networks (WANs)

What are the Prerequisites? No Prerequisite

What are the exams to be taken? 200-125 CCNA or (100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2)

Job Roles:  Network Specialist, Network administrator, Network Support Engineer

CCNA Security

The CCNA Security certification set up the thrust for job roles such as Network Security Engineer, Network Security Technician, and Security Administrator. CCNA Security Certification validates a person’s ability to test, monitor, deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot network security related solutions. It also validates the knowledge of security infrastructure. CCNA Security Certification is intended to impart foundational Network Security Knowledge and competence for professionals who are interested to make their career in Network Security Filed.

What are the Prerequisites?  Any Valid CCENT or CCNA Routing and Switching or any CCIE Certification.

What are the exams to be taken?  210-260 IINS

Job Roles: Network Security Specialist, Security Technician, Security Administrator, Network Security Support Engineer
CCDA (CISCO Certified Design Associate)

You need to plan and   evaluate the network before it puts operations and production. This is what CCDA provides, it focus on routing protocols and network expansion in data center, security, voice, wireless network, and basic campus.

Prerequisites: A valid CCENT or a valid CCNA Routing and Switching or any CCIE certification can act as a prerequisite.
      Required Exam           Recommended Training
200-310 DESGN    Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN) v3.0


Job Roles: network design engineers, system engineers, and sales engineers.


CCNA Cloud

Another Fresh CCNA Certification added in the cisco Certification Path.  Cisco Certified Network Associate- Cloud is a job role focused certification that helps cloud Engineers, Administrators to enhance, enrich and validate their ability for Cloud Skill Set. With a CCNA Cloud Certification individual acquire knowledge to accomplish and provide support of Cisco Cloud related Solutions.

What are the Prerequisites? No Prerequisite

What are the exams to be taken? 210-451 CLDFND and 210-455 CLDADM

Job Roles: Cloud engineers, Cloud Administrators, and Network Engineers
CCNA Collaboration

 In 2015, Cisco officially retired the CCNA Voice and CCNA Video certifications and introduced a new exam that is CCNA Collaboration. It is the perfect field for students who want to make their career in IP Telephony, IP Network Engineering and Network Video Engineering. This certification tests how well versed you are in Cisco Collaboration and Video Skills. Job Roles include planning and designing video networks and configuring, maintaining & optimizing various Cisco Collaboration solutions.

 What are the Prerequisites? No prerequisites

 What are the exams to be taken? 210-060 CICD and 210-065 CIVND

CCNA Data Center

CCNA Data center validates the knowledge of data center concepts and administration. To clear this exam you must have in depth knowledge of Cisco Nexus, advance routing and switching. Data Center is one of the most in-demand certification currently. Most of the companies have some data; they store it locally or on cloud. Responsibility of a Data Center Network Engineer is to manage that in most efficient way. You can enhance the data center skills with CCNP Data Center.

What are the Prerequisites?  No prerequisites

What are the exams to be taken? 640-911 DCICN and 640-916 DCICT

Job Roles: Data Center Network Administrator

CCNA Industrial

The Cisco Certificated Network Associate Industrial is one of the new and recent CCNA certification introduced by Cisco. This certificate is for Engineers in the manufacturing, process control and oil and gas industries, who will look after confluence of Information Technology and Industrial Networks. This certification validates the ability to successfully perform, implement and troubleshoot most common industry standard protocols while supporting foremost practices needed for the today’s connected Network.

What are the Prerequisites? Any Valid CCENT or or CCNA Routing and Switching or CCIE Certification or (200-401) Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies (IMINS)

What are the exams to be taken? 200-601 IMINS2

Job Roles: Plant administrators, Engineer- control system
CCNA Service Provider

CCNA Service Provider, this certificate is mainly for network engineers working on Next Generation Service Providers Networks. It is specifically developed to validate one’s ability to configure, optimize, implemented and troubleshoot baseline CISCO Service provider next generation network.

CCNA SP was formed on an emerging demand for professionals who can deploy and maintain robust Service Provider IP Next Generation Network Infrastructure.

What are the Prerequisites?  No Prerequisite

What are the exams to be taken? 640-875 SPNGN1 and 640-878 SPNGN2

Job Roles: Network Specialist, Network Administrators, Network Support Engineer

CCNA Wireless

The CCNA Wireless Certifications ensures a candidate’s ability to implement, configure and maintain Cisco Wireless Local Area Networks. This certification is not vender specific, so skills learned here can be applied on other venders too. Wireless Technology involves various security mechanisms, wireless IPS, High availability, Quality of Service and also Voice over Wireless LANs. Wireless RF Network Engineers are required everywhere to configure the wireless networks.

What are the Prerequisites? Any Valid Cisco CCENT or CCNA Routing and Switching or CCIE Certification.

What are the exams to be taken? 200-355 WIFUND

Job Roles: Network engineers, Network administrators, Network managers, System engineers

CCNA Cyber Ops :

CCNA Cyber Ops is latest and recenlty added Cisco Certification. CCNA Cyber Ops Certification helps Security Professionals in providing better understanding of Cyber Threats and attacks.

What are the Prerequisites? No Prerequisites for this certification.

What are the exams to be taken? Cisco  210-250 SECFND and 210-255 SECOPS.

*CCNA Video:

Cisco Certified Network Associate – Video is no longer available from September 18,2015. It has been transitioned to CCNA Collaboration.

*CCNA Voice

CCNA Voice is also not available from September 18,2015 . I has also been transitioned to CCNA Collaboration.

Validity of Cisco CCNA Certification:

Validity of all Cisco CCNA Certification is 3 Years only. After 3 Years individual has to apply for the recertification.
Cisco CCNA Exam Pattern:

The CCNA Certification includes different types of questions.

    Multiple choice questions with single answer
    Multiple choice question with multiple answers
    Drag and drop questions
    Fill in the blanks
    Simulation based question

How to Register for Certification Exam:

Cisco Certification Exam Centers are available at many location throughout the globe. Pearson VUE are the authorized Test Partners of Cisco. You can register for the Exam through:-

    Walk in at Local Test Center : Locate Nearest Test Center
    Online at

Online Registration Process:

Step 1: Access
Step 3: Register/Login in with your username and password
Step 4: Choose a test Center with a convenient Date
Step 5: Use a Credit Card to pay the fee and finalize the exam registration.
Benefits of being CCNA Certified:

CCNA provides great expansion in knowledge for both experienced and fresher’s. It increases the efficiency and productivity of a candidate working in IT industries and gets a pure satisfaction from their jobs.

Here we have mentioned advantages and benefits of being CCNA certified than an average candidate:

    Knowledge: It will allow the candidate to install, monitoring, and troubleshooting a program.
    Route to success: CCNA certification will provide access to IT industries with big exposure even to fresher.
    Growth in career: It will give a big growth to a candidate as CCNA has vast syllabus and upgrades to new levels.
    Can apply for higher certification: CCNA is a pre requisite for some certifications. So if you have CCNA Certification then you are eligible for further certifications as well.
    Company Growth: A CCNA certified candidate can bring company to the fame and growth to the business.
    Promotion: CCNA certification can give advantages and promotion easily as compared to the average person.
    Increment in Salary: Salary of certified candidate is much more than that of average candidate.
    Satisfaction: Settlement to the job is the key to satisfaction.
    Respect: Satisfaction and Promotion gives a respect to a candidate by its company.
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